Various Types of Jewellery

A wide range of jewellery products made of precious and semi-precious stones, gold, diamond and various gemstones.

Miniature of Hawamahal

Beside from jewellery we also have a huge collection of miniatures, including a miniature of Hawamahal.

Attractive Paintings

We also have a collection of paintings to decorate your home with fine attractive paintings of Indian god, goddesses and various.


A Ruby Ring

A Turquoise Ring

A Platinum Ring

A Onyx Ring

A Pendant Necklace

A Pearl Earring

A Golden Maang tikka

A Diamond Brooch

A Diamond Necklace

Precious Stone Rings

More About Our Agency.

We are one of oldest and most trusted shop for providing fine art in antique, traditional and modern jewellery. We have built our reputation by serving the finest jewellery since 1975 to our customers from all across the world. We also have miniatures and painting collection in our Jaipur based jewellery showroom.

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I wanted a diamond ring to impress my fiance when i was going to propose her and got it from the Antiquaruiat Jaipur.

Deny Nerwan