A timeline of jewellery styles and design

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For time immemorial jewellery has been a luxury which is desired by everyone. It has its own importance for each and every fashion or ceremony. But we all know that the designs and the material of jewellery from past to present it has changed a lot. If you want to see the various designs and jewellery materials from past to present Antiquariat Jaipur could be one of the best option.

The glitzy 50s

The 50s were the perfectly changing time for the gender norms, in these time women began to explore new domains. They started to express them as independent in all manners from the rights of living independently to choose the attire for their own. In those years catchy styles were in trend and often used colours and bright dominant styles for their jewellery. Rings made of big gemstones with faux pearls were trendy which you may find really attractive in these current time also.

The thrifty 60s

The 60s were a time period in which the status of jewellery changing really well, jewellery was not considered as the wealth status of a person now it was considered as the style. So, the professional craftsman was in demand for handcrafted jewellery which was trending these days. Well if you try handmade jewellery in present time it would be quite a unique fashion which could cut the present fashion. Handcrafted jewellery from Jaipur are very famous in India and if you want a real unique and well designed handcrafted jewellery from the 60s, what would be a better place than Antiquariat Jaipur.

The timeless 70s

60s and 70s are popular for their timeless jewellery designs and we can say so because the jewellery made in these time are still very trendy in present date. The jewellery made in the 70s were all about making a statement and their large size decorated with the gemstones from past or present. In 70s women tended to wear layered jewellery and large dangling jewellery.

The extravagant 80s

The 80s were the time were designs of jewellery grown, brooches, large rings, heavy danglers ere trending in those time. Coated gold jewellery had started replacing the pure gold jewellery and use of crystal in jewellery had started taking the front seats and pearls in jewellery were the style of this decade. Jewellery from the 80s is still taken as the classy jewellery fashion in present dates, like brooches, and danglers. In Jaipur, if you are searching for the best pieces of jewellery from 80s Antiquariat Jaipur would be the best option.

The transforming 90s and the current styles

From the 90s styles begin to blend together which are in trends in current times also. The 80s jewellery were trending in extravagant styles over simple jewellery. Toe rings, chains and ankle bracelet were in trend, hoop earrings were another style of this decade.

Today, jewellery ranges from elegant to junk, from push to hippie with different styles and category. In these time period the fashion and trend of jewellery has been changed a lot but we can’t completely say that the jewellery fashioned in the 70s or 80s are not fit in this current fashion. To feel the past and vintage jewellery fashion to currently trending jewellery fashion we invite you to the biggest and most trusted showroom of Jaipur the Antiquariat Jaipur. you may also visit our official webpage, i.e., http://www.antiquariatjaipur.info