Different Antique Indian Jewellery

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Rajasthan Jewellery

Jewellery from the ancient era which is made and carved in ancient time by the professional of that time are now called as Antique Jewellery. In the current time where jewellery made by gold, silver, and shiny diamonds are in trend, the vintage jewellery holds its own position. A lot of jewellery styles from the ancient time are trending these days which you may see in below post and also get at our store, i.e., Antiquariat Jaipur.

Styles from the past to present

Thewa: This art of making jewelry is still very popular in parts of rajasthan, this kind of aer were used in a back 16th century. This design was first made by the Pratapgarhi goldsmith Nathu all Sonwal, soon after it caught the eye of Maharaja Sumant Singh and after that this art got flourished.

Meenakari: This artistic jewellery was introduced by Raja Mansingh, this jewellery art was quite laborious. The antique jewellery made by this art are in trend in the present time also. The meenakari work of Bikaner (Rajasthan) is highly popular. If you wish to have a jewellery made of this art in your collection, we the Antiquariat Jaipur are here to provide the finest quality of this art.

Kundankari: Including too much diamonds, rubies, sapphires and other gemstones, this form of art used to formed in the Rajasthani royal courts in the early 19th century. This antique jewellery is even today used by the modern brides.

Apart from these above mentioned fine arts there are Tarakashi, Pachchikam, Jadau, Victorian and a lot more from the indian antique jewellery a lot more kinds of vintage jewellery which you can easily get from the most reputed and the trusted name in the business of Indian antique jewelry the Antiquariat Jaipur is inviting you to have the real vintage jewellery made of antique gems and pearls. If you are interested in having a collection of the same do visit us for better experience. Go through our website for further information http://www.antiquariatjaipur.info