Filigree Jewellery- An ancient jewellery art

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Filigree Jewellery

A jewellery is such a fascinating term in itself that attracts everyone’s attention. In the past few year, the fashion of jewellery have changed a lot and it has led to the popularity of old traditional art and the reason not only lies in its unique design but also the low cost which is easily affordable. A fine art of Filigree jewellery and other ancient jewellery items are available in our Jaipur based showroom named Antiquariat Jaipur.

Filigree- An enchanting art form

Indian culture is embellished with many varieties of jewellery and filigree is one of the most dazzling forms which have been designed by the craftsman since ages and still now it is adorned by the women. Either it’s a decorative object or a designer jewellery made with filigree have been enchanting peoples with their designs. Filigree basically refers to gold or silver wires interwoven to make a lace-like decoration. It’s fine art of lace crafted in precious metal provides it with a fascinating look.

Origin of filigree art

It consists of fine metal wire which is crafted beautifully to give an extra ordinary blend of ancient and modern jewellery. It is believed that Mesopotamia and Egypt are the first countries to use filigree art and the charm of filigree jewellery spread in Asian continent during 2500 BC. specifically created by the craftsman belonging to Midyat city used to design a pattern of filigree designs by both gold and silver wires emerged and it was popularly known as telkari. It was observed that there was a huge similarity in Indian and greek filigree arts, the same kind of pattern and processes followed by the both countries. Some fine arts of ancient filigree jewellery are available in our shop named Antiquariat Jaipur.

Popularity of filigree jewellery in India

Filigree art in silver is quite popular in the eastern state of India. This silver filigree art is famous from the ancient time, because of its fine creation on each side of jewellery makes it look more attractive. A lot of hard work and patience is required in the making of this type of jewellery art because the designing creation is only done by hand and it is really hard to handcraft it in such narrow designs.

Filigree as Cuttacki Tarkashi in Orissa

In India Cuttack city of Orissa is one of the major places where arts man are involved in creating this art at a big parameter. More than a 100 families of Cuttack are involved in creating various designs of this art and by the local, this art is commonly known as ‘Cuttaki Tarkashi’. Because of its fine art and unique designs filigree jewellery made in Orissa is in demand all over the world.

Either you say it a Filigree jewellery or ‘Cuttacki Tarkashi’ its charm will be the same in both names. If you want to feel its unique design and the finest artwork you can find it at Antiquariat Jaipur where you can choose from various designs. You may also go through our official website for more details regarding us, i.e.,