Mangalsutra from different states of India- Many forms, one unique meaning

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Indian Mangalsutra

Mangalsutra which means a ‘holy string’ which holds a very important role in a Hindu traditional marriage and a place in Hindu women after the marriage. Use of this jewellery piece is usually done by Hindu married women all across the India. In fact, it is believed that tradition of wearing a mangal sutra travelled from South India to North India. As a result, it is called by the different names like Thalli, Mangalyam, Minnu, Dehjoor, etc in different parts of the country. Various designs of mangalsutra are available in our Jaipur based jewellery shop named Antiquariat Jaipur.

Mangalsutra of North India- Traditionally made of plain gold, which is attached to the black beads threaded comes in vivid designs. Some communities like Gujaratis and Marwaris generally go with the diamond studded mangalsutra. This trend is being caught up by other communities also because of the versatility of the diamond and other stones. Here below we have mentioned some of the community in India with various design and name of mangal sutra.

Bengali- In the culture of Bengal there is no mangal sutra used whereas it is mandatory to wear Shakha Paula for Bengali married women, one set of the bangle is worn in each of the hand.

Sikh- The formal engagement in sikh which is named as khurmai in the local language is the process in which bride’s family goes to the groom’s family with gifts where the bride’s father or guardian provides a gold ring, a kada, and gold coins to the groom. Later these gold coins are strung into a black thread and given to the bride which is actually used as the mangal sutra. But among the Sikh, they wear it only at some special occasion. Some better collections of jewellery from all tradition of India is available in Antiquariat Jaipur.

Sindhi- The Sindhi marriage still holds an important role of mangal sutra. Generally made of gold, Sindhi women wear it with black bead thread, the mangal sutra is generally from groom’s side.

Marwari- The Marwaris do not have a tradition of mangal sutra, but with the changes of time this community is accepting it as costumes. It is not necessary to wear it by the mar wadi married women. What is mandatory for them to wear is Chuda (marriage bangles) and the sacred thread tied to her wrist during the marriage ceremony.
Like mentioned above there are various tradition, importance and designs of mangal sutra which are used in the different parts of India. Beside from mangal sutra, there are various important jewellery pieces which are used in an Indian wedding. Find out some fine art of Indian traditional jewellery from our Jaipur based jewellery shop named Antiquariat Jaipur. check our website for more traditional jewellery items at, i.e.,