Traditional Indian Handmade Jewellery-types & designs

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Traditional Jewellery

There are certain things without which a woman’s makeup does not complete, and that is a pair of jewellery. Now, there are many designs and types of jewellery which provide a choice to choose one of the best. We are here to mention some real fine quality of jewellery which is easily available in our showroom namely Antiquariat Jaipur.

Handmade Jewellery-the beauty lies in the simplicity

In this fastly changing fashion world, the craze for traditional Indian jewellery has remained the same. If we talk about the Indian traditional jewellery the charm of Indian handmade jewellery outshines all other designs. It’s not just the beauty and the value of handmade but the real attraction is captured by its unique hand carved designs by the craftsmen.

To provide a unique design and the lustre shine which could be only produced by cutting and polishing which requires a lot of hard work and an artistic mind. We the Antiquariat Jaipur have such fine collections of this kind of jewellery which are made by the local craftsman of Rajasthan, which shows its culture.

The traditional Indian jewellery is basically formed of gold and silver with the precious stones like rubies, diamonds and emerald. In meenakari jewellery a pattern in colour of blue, red and green are used to cover the gold, it is done not only for covering the gold but it also attracts everyone’s attraction.

Traditional silver jewellery has also gained attraction in these years mainly in the low-income groups due to its affordable price. There is some basic traditional jewellery which is very famous in silver jewellery like, hasli, jhumka, chokar, bracelet and nath. Whether its diamond, gold or silver the wide range of ornaments are available in our jewellery shop named Antiquariat Jaipur.
There is certain jewellery which is being used from the old time of king’s and still very popular which are Antique jewellery, bead jewellery, custom jewellery, filigree jewellery, ivory jewellery, kundan jewellery, meenakari jewellery, navratna jewellery, pachchikam jewellery, stone jewellery and many another kind of jewellery. Certain jewellery from this list are basically designed and formed in Rajasthan only, like meenakari jewellery, kundan jewellery etc… these jewellery are very famous in between the foreigner tourist because this jewellery is made up and hand carved by the local artsman of Rajasthan which shows the culture and tradition of Rajasthan. So if you are also interested in this traditional jewellery of Rajasthan what could be the best option than the Antiquariat Jaipur, one of the oldest and trusted jewellery shop in Jaipur. To know more about us do visit our website, i.e.,